Started on April 1, 2020
The animation is captivating. From a younger age, you can have dreamed of making your personal films, TV collection, characters, storylines and so much more.

With DIZVIZ’s flagship route DIZVIZ 3D Animation, your dreams can finally meet the truth. DIZVIZ 3D  is the  animation course that teaches you a huge variety of film-making techniques that can be concerned in the animation procedure. Join DIZVIZ Production and collect capabilities with a purpose to make you the best within the subject. DizViz 3D is an exclusive 18 Months course that encompasses contemporary industry-relevant topics of 3D Animation. Covering Pre-production as well as production. this course is designed to transform you into a full-fledged 3D Artist.

The highlights of this course are  Only 12 Students per Semester Expert Faculty for Every Course Experienced Faculty with 15yrs of Experience in 3D Animation.
Concepts of filmmaking
Digital painting
BG modeling & surfacing
3D character development
Texturing & look development
Lighting & rendering
Particle & dynamics
Rigging and character setup
Character animation
Matte painting
3D Modelling Artist
Texturing Artist
Lighting Artist
Render Artist
Character Animator
Layout Artist
Rigging Artist
3D Generalist


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