Master the Art of Advanced 3D Animation and VFX with DIZVIZ

Learn digital design, compositing, 3D modeling, particle effects, and more. Gain proficiency in industry-leading software and techniques, positioning yourself as a leading VFX professional.


Our comprehensive VFX course covers a wide range of essential topics, including fundamentals of digital design, layer-based compositing, clean plate and wire removal, CG integration, and set extension concepts. By enrolling in DIZVIZ’s VFX course, you’ll gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge visual effects techniques, equipping you to work on high-end projects with leading studios and production houses.

You’ll receive in-depth training on industry-leading software such as Mocha, Fusion, RealFlow, PFTrack, and Nuke. This rigorous curriculum will prepare you for a variety of career paths, including Motion Graphics Artist, Match Moving Artist, and Video Editor, among others.

Join DIZVIZ’s Visual Effects course and transform your creative vision into stunning visual spectacles, positioning yourself as a sought-after professional in the ever-evolving VFX industry.

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🌟 What You Will Master 🌟​

💪 Software Proficiency:

Adobe Photoshop: For impeccable textures and post-production visuals.
Adobe Photoshop is a premier image editing software used for creating impeccable textures and enhancing post-production visuals. It offers powerful tools for photo manipulation, digital painting, and compositing, making it essential for graphic designers, photographers, and digital artists.

Adobe Illustrator is the industry-standard software for creating vector graphics and illustrations with precision. It allows for the design of scalable graphics, logos, icons, and detailed illustrations using a wide array of drawing tools and creative effects.

Adobe InDesign is a professional layout design software used for creating high-quality print and digital publications. It excels in designing brochures, magazines, books, and interactive PDFs, offering advanced typography and layout features to ensure polished, visually appealing documents.

Adobe After Effects is leading software for creating dynamic motion graphics and visual effects. It enables the design of complex animations, visual effects, and compositing work, widely used in film, television, and web video production.

Adobe Premiere is expert video editing software used by professionals to craft high-quality video content. It provides a comprehensive set of tools for editing, color correction, audio enhancement, and integrating motion graphics, making it ideal for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators.

Autodesk® 3ds Max®: For powerful 3D modeling and animation.
Autodesk 3ds Max is a powerful 3D modeling and animation software used in architecture, engineering, game development, and visual effects. It offers advanced tools for modeling, texturing, and rendering 3D assets, enabling the creation of highly detailed and realistic 3D models and animations.

Autodesk Mudbox is high-detail digital sculpting software that allows artists to create intricate 3D models with precision. It offers tools for sculpting, texturing, and painting 3D assets, widely used in game development, film, and animation.

Fusion is advanced compositing software used for creating visual effects, motion graphics, and 3D animations. It features a node-based interface, providing artists with flexibility and control to create complex visual effects and high-quality composites.

FumeFX is software for realistic fluid dynamics and fire simulations, used in visual effects for film and games. It simulates smoke, fire, explosions, and other gaseous phenomena, providing detailed and highly controllable effects.

RealFlow is a tool for complex fluid simulations, used to create realistic water, liquid, and fluid dynamics effects in visual effects and animation. It is widely used in the film and game industries for creating high-quality fluid effects.

Silhouette is software for rotoscoping and paint, providing tools for creating mattes, keying, and compositing. It is used extensively in visual effects to isolate objects from their backgrounds, clean up shots, and add visual enhancements.

Foundry Nuke is high-end compositing software used for visual effects and post-production. It offers powerful tools for compositing, color correction, and visual effects, making it a preferred choice for film, television, and commercial projects.

Mocha is software for planar tracking and visual effects. It excels in tracking flat surfaces within footage, making it ideal for screen replacements, object removals, and other visual effects tasks requiring precise motion tracking.

PFTrack is software for match moving and camera tracking. It provides advanced tools for tracking camera movement within live-action footage, enabling the integration of 3D elements into real-world scenes with accurate perspective and motion matching.

Autodesk Maya is a comprehensive software used for 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering. It offers a robust set of tools for creating detailed characters, realistic effects, and complex animations, making it a preferred choice for VFX artists, animators, and game developers.

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