Started on April 1, 2020
From flying cars to flying superheroes! Create excellent visible results (VFX) for movies, TV, classified ads & video games.

With DIZVIZ’s Visual Effects publications, it turns out to be a part of the aggressively developing VFX industry that plays an important position in almost every movie these days. The call for skilled experts in Visual Effects is growing at a fast tempo. At DIZVIZ, we layout publications, which introduce you to enterprise-particular software programs and train you in the fundamentals and technical competencies required to be a hit VFX artist.

The highlights of this course are  Only 12 Students per Semester Expert Faculty for Every Course Experienced Faculty with 15yrs of Experience in Visual Effects.
Digital design
Basics of Photography
Layer based compositing
Clean plate & wire removal
Stereoscopic pipeline
Node-based compositing
The projection for visual effects
3D Design
Advanced particle effects
Cloth FX
Advanced Compositing
Concepts of Set Extension & CG Integration
Match moving & Camera tracking
VFX case-studies
Match Moving Artist
FX Artist
Pre-Viz Artist
Motion Graphics Artist
Roto Artist
Clean-up Artist
BG Prep Artist
Paint Artis

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